Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to succeed at meijer mania

Niki and I decided to drive to saginaw for the day. After shopping the mall, giving ourselves free makeovers at khols, and getting a 10% student discount at BK, we went to meijer. Right now, meijer is having a back to school event called meijer mania. It is pretty much lots of free products, food and samples. These are my guidelines to getting the most out of meijer madness:
-get there at least a half hour early. The games wont start, but usually the people are already giving away samples.
-when there is a huge line of people, be that dick that kinda just merges in with the front of the line.
-repeat merging often.
-when you first get there, make sure to grab a couple of grocery bags.
-play the games first. That way the lines aren't too long.
-have fun! The goal is to get as much as you can. Don't let others persuade you otherwise.

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