Monday, August 22, 2011

No teachers?

Right now at CMU, the teacher faculty association  has chosen to start a full work stoppage. That means all faculty will not show up to teach, be in for office hours, or answer email. But, all the term teachers and grad students are still teaching. So what this mean to me? It means that I had two classes today as scheduled, and my drawing 101 class now has a sub. For what I have read on, Cmu has filed a restraining order against the faculty association, ordering them back into the classrooms today. But they refusing to return till tomorrow. There is now a court hearing at 7am friday morning. So what this means to me, as a student of central Michigan university? It means that I dont get to start my classes like I would of. That instead of meeting my professor for drawing to learn what is expected of me, I get to meet a sub. I understand that there are problems between the faculty and the university. But I don't think a work stoppage was the correct answer. These are classes we paid for, that we are expected to be at ourselves, and in the end, its us they are hurting. Not the university.

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