Thursday, September 15, 2011

52 Degrees in Semptember!!!???

It is so cold out today! It is only 52 degrees. It is still September, it should at least be in the mid 60s!

But like I told Niki this morning, while dressing warm is still essential, looking good is still easy! (ok, I probably said it a lot differently, but same idea. ) So here is my outfit for the day:

Creating a super cute-yet super warm-outfit for fall is actually really easy. I started with a plain back tshirt. Everyone should have one, and if you don't, go buy one. Then I added a light sweater, because I need layers to stay warm! Then I added my awesome CMU zip-up hoodie for when I am riding my bike across campus. Because it is zip-up, I can take it off once I get to class so that I don't swelter. Add a cute scarf, and you are good to go! As a side note, I just want you all to know that I have tights under my jeans. Yeah-I'm that cold.

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