Thursday, September 15, 2011

About Me!

So as I was browsing the internet looking for blogging tips, I realized that I never created an about me page. Well, here it is! My name is Nina. I am a college freshman at Central Michigan University. I plan to become a rich and famous journalist who travels the world writing intriguing stories and capturing the images that go along with them. I love to write (thus the blog) and I love to create art of all kinds. But while those loves help me academically, my other loves do not. (If they did, I would already be rich.) I love free stuff. Ask a friend or family member to describe me, and 100% of the time they will say something about me and free stuff. While hunting it down is fun, getting it in the mail is better. Which is what led me to start entering sweepstakes, because that leads to an even better mail surprise! I am also trying to get my foot in door with product reviewing, because I really love recommending great products to people. Anyways, I like to have fun, which honestly, is what this blog is all about!

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