Friday, September 30, 2011

Bzz Agent Daily Bzz 9/30

Has anyone heard of Bzzagent? I have been participating with them for awhile. It is pretty cool actually. What you do is join a campaign, receive a product, test the product, and then "Bzz" or talk about it to your friends. Tell them if you like it, if you don't. And then you get to keep the product when you are done! They also have this new thing out that allows you to invite yourself to a campaign. They have one new everyday, and all you have to do is spread the word about it. Pretty simple right? So thus, this is what I am doing. I love participating in campaigns, so I will be posting everyday!

So today's campaign is for the Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit. This thing looks so cool. I have seen it in stores, and I always watch the video displayed in front of it. I feel like it would be so much healthier and cheaper than normal soda. Plus just being able to make one would be fun.

This is what is says from Bzz Agent:
SodaStream allows you to prepare great-tasting, fresh, fizzy beverages precisely to your taste - with no bottles, cans, or electricity! With the SodaStream Jet Starter Kit, you've got everything you need to turn tap water into sparkling water in 30 seconds--saving you money while also helping you stay environmentally friendly. The starter kit includes SodaStream Jet soda maker in black/silver, one carbonator (good for making up to 60L of soda), and one BPA-free plastic bottle.

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