Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paper Coterie Reivew

So I recently won a gift code for Paper Coterie. I was checking out their website and just figured that this was just another photo album site. But once I received their products, I knew different! I ordered the Forever Sisters book and the Me in Three Journal. I love them!
I really love the Forever Sisters book. The quality is amazing. It comes with a plastic cover on the front, which is why it looks shiny in the picture. The paper quality is fabulous. It is like a light cardboard, that has some type of sealant over it.
The pictures also came out great. There was no grainy picture in the album. Every thing looked just as good as I had hoped.

The journal is amazing. It feels like it bound like a book, with that type of cardboard. It feels very sturdy and usable. Which is great for me, because I tend to be hard on well, everything. Again, the pictures on the front came out great. The only thing about the cover that I don't like is my name on the side. On the maker online, it made it look like it was going to be huge. But in real life it is very small. But at least the font is pretty!
Again, the quality of the paper is outstanding. It is a little firmer than normal paper, making it more durable. What I love about this journal is how big the spaces between the lines are. I hate when I get a journal and I am forced to write small. I like to write BIG! and this journal allows me too.

I would totally recommend Paper Coterie. When you order your first product, you get a free necklace, which is super cool. I'm wearing mine right now, not that you can see it in the pictures. So if you want a nice book, calendar, journal, or whatever made, check here first!

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