Monday, February 20, 2012

My Mission: Gardening

With the economy the way it is, my family isn't exactly running down to Bloomies to get the newest pair of shoes. Not that we were ever running to Bloomies, but you get what I mean. As the frugal one in the family, I like to find new ways to save money. This time I decided that I wanted to save us money by starting a garden. Of course when I told my parents, they laughed at me. After they were done laughing, they gave me the go ahead, and are probably planning on watching me fail. But alas! I will not fail.

It is the end of February, which according to the many sites I have found through google, it means I need to start getting my seeds and start planning. Because I want to do this the frugal way, I am going to try my hardest not to pay for a single thing. Everything that I use will be from freebies, borrowing, recycling, or using something that I already have.

So stay tuned! I plan to keep on this, if only to prove to my family that I can make it work!

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