Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wholesale Halloween Costume Review!

 I LOVE Halloween. I always have. Everyone goes to my Grandma Ryans, eat an insane amount of pizza, eat even more brownies, and then go trick or treating. Even my brother goes trick or treating with me. Last year was the first year I didn't get to go trick or treating with my family. This year I have class, which obviously means I am skipping it and celebrating anyways. Besides, it is Ella's first Halloween. I HAVE to go! I am not missing my nieces first Halloween for anything.

I recently got in touch with Wholesale Halloween and got a chance to review one of their awesome costumes. I chose the "Wonderlicious" costume. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But all it really is is an off-brand wonder women costume. I was worried about the quality of the costume. The packaging and everything seemed pretty legit though. It has a really nice plastic cover. Even if I hated the costume, the cover is worth it.

 I pulled out the costume and was immediately relieved. It is so soft. It is a mix of polyester and spandex so it has that soft but stretchy feel.  Plus the colors are really vibrant.
I really like the way it feels on. It fits perfect. The front is adjustable - which means I can hover between showing the boobs line of slut and nun. The top is a halter, so again it is adjustable.
I only have one problem with it. It is REALLY short. I mean, it doesn't even completely cover my underwear. I know it is a "sexy costume" but jeez! I would at least like my ass covered. I am going to have to wear leggings with it. It is the only way I wont flash every person in the room.
The costume comes with these cute little accessories. I got a headband and arm bands. They are nice, considering most costume accessories. They are made of the same fabric and have a cute little red star on each piece.

Make sure if you are looking for new 2012 costumes this year, you need to check out wholesale costumes. They always have a TON on sale which is awesome.

On a random note, if you want to study costumes in school, check out NYU for their costume programs!

***I was given this product for review by the company, but all opinions are my own***

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