Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scribbles Fabric Crayons Review

So I recently picked up some Scribbles Fabric Crayons at Joann's the other day. I was really excited to make some CMU shirts with my new crayons. I ended up using them on a pair of shorts I have. They were maroon, so I wanted to add gold aka yellow to the white stripes. Plus write CMU on them of course. The first thing I noticed as I pulled them out was that they did not have any paper wrapping on them. Which meant of course, I got my hands all dirty. Then when I started coloring, the crayon split in two. Which wasn't fun to try to color with. When I started writing CMU on my shorts, the black crayon split in 4! Plus I got lots of black on my hand. But there are two good things about these crayons. They are cheap, and they are vibrant. So as long as you don't mind the breaking and the mess, these are for you! Or me, the cheap college kid.

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