Monday, November 21, 2011

Miss Lucys's Monograms Cosmetic Case Review

If you don't know me personally, let me share a little secret with you. I have a mild case of hoarding. I love keeping everything, just in case I might be able to use it eventually, or give it away as a gift. My makeup collection is not immune. I have a HUGE amount of makeup. I love having color after color of eye shadow, blush, lipstick and more. This makes it really hard for me to try to tote everything around. So recently I received the cutest little cosmetics case from Miss Lucy's Monograms. Now here you get a choice. You can either watch my review, or read it. It is up to you!
My little case is adorable. It is the perfect size for a travel case. It is on the big side, but I personally think that that is a really nice feature. I hate having to cram all my makeup into a tiny little bag, usually ruining my brushes in the process.
I love how nicely this bag is put together. It is a very sturdy bag. From what I can see, there is no screw up in the sewing, and everything is held on nice. The zipper is very durable, which is perfect for me. I am constantly closing and opening my makeup bags, because I forget to put on one thing after another. The colors are also amazing. They are extremely vibrant and fun.
My favorite part of this bag, hands down, is the little zippered pocket on the inside. I love having a place to store things separately. I think it would be perfect to store jewelry in, saving space in luggage. Again, it is very well made, and the zipper seems heavy duty. 
The monograming on the front of my bag is really nice. Because my favorite color is purple, I chose to have my letters embroidered, in of course, purple. I wasn't really sure how it would look with the green and pink, but I think it looks fabulous. The lettering is very smooth and sharp. There is no little mistakes or runs, so it turned out perfect. 
One thing I really like about Miss Lucy's Monograms is the amount of choices you have. There are 20 monogram styles to pick from, 22 font choices, and 19 colors. So however you want it, you pretty much get it.

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