Monday, August 27, 2012

Awesome Leggings!

I just had to share my awesome legging deal! I went to walmart today with mom. If you don't know, my mom just got her knee replaced 2 weeks ago. And being cooped up for 2 weeks is not working well with my mom. So we took a little shopping trip. Our last store was walmart. They had a ton of stuff on clearance. From $15 - $3. And lucky for me, they had leggings! I've been seeing leggings all over pinterest for fall fashion. But I am way too cheap to be spending $8 - $20 on a pair of basically tights. So for $3 I was ready to buy up the whole store.
Grey, Dark Jean-like, Brown and Black with Studs
 Make sure you take a trip up to your local walmart to get these great deals! Need some fashion inspiration? Check out my pinterest fashion board!

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