Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Semester 2012: First day as a sophomore

College. Oh college. I love college. I really do. But then again, I'm also that huge nerd who loves to read and learn new things everyday. Today I started my sophomore year at Wayne State University. To anyone who doesn't live in southeast Michigan, WSU is in the middle of Detroit. Yep, big bad Detroit (not really that bad.)

Today started off quite well. I woke up still dreaming of my mother owning a circus and me performing with a crazed black bear (think the angry bear from Brave.) But after showering, getting my hair and makeup cute, stressing about money, I realized I was mildly running late. Not like a half hour late, but 5-10 minutes late. Which for me is A LOT. I'm one of those people who get up at a specific time, have specific time slots for what I need done and leave at the same time everyday. I like to sleep as much as possible, which lead me to live this type of blocked lifestyle. And with me, it works. Anyways, at about 845, I realized that I did have money for gas, but I didn't have time to get gas and warm myself up a bagel. So I chose Mcdonalds for lunch. Now, my Mcdonalds is usually pretty fast at getting people through the drive through. Except today. Today I was in the drive through FOREVER. Which meant I didn't even hit the expressway till 905. It takes from 15-20 minutes to get to school. More like 25 when I try to save gas and go 60 the entire way there. Not so much today. I hit 75 and at times went 80. Oops. But I didn't care, I had a class to get to.

So around 925ish, I finally hit campus. I was pretty happy, I had 10 minutes to get to park and get to class. And with the structure I wanted to park in right next to my first building, I thought it would take me about 5 minutes in total. Yeah, I was an idiot to think that. The line to even get into the structure was all the way back to the street and/or about 30 cars long. Once I was only about 10 cars away and already late for class, I was informed by a nice (not nice) lady who told me the structure was full to anyone without a pass. WSU parking passes are crazy expensive. I refuse to buy one. It would cost me more for a single semester of parking then it did for an entire year of parking at CMU. Stupid. So then I tried to get into the parking structure slightly down the road. I thought the nice rent a cop was letting me into the line. No. He let every car into the line and then informed me that "you can't just cut into the line. You have to go straight. You didn't wait in line." I told him I waited 20 minutes in the other line. He told me to try another structure. So what did I do? I just went around the building to the other (and empty) entrance. By this point, I was already about 20-25 minutes late. So trust me when I tell you that I was hustling to class.

Now, I don't want to bore you with all the specifics of all my classes. But so far, they seem pretty good. I've already been to Broadcast News, Ancient Medieval Art History (ok, this one might suck) and News Reporting. I have another 2ish hours till my next class, which is Argument and Debate with arguably one of the cutest professors on campus. But also one of the hardest professors I've had so far. So we will see!!

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