Monday, September 17, 2012

Miss Whose Line?

I used to LOVE Whose Line is it anyways. I would watch Chelsea Lately, the news and then finish off my night with Whose Line is it Anyways on ABC Family. I went to watch it a couple of months ago and POOF! No whose line. I was pretty sad.

The other day I really wanted to watch it. It was one of those if I don't watch it I'm gonna freak moments. I checked netflix. Nope. Nada. Nothing. No whose line.

Right now I am sitting in Mano, waiting till 5 to go meet with my debate partner. I was kind of sick of music. So what do I do? I googled Whose Line is it Anways episodes. AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND. FREE TO WATCH EPISODES. What I really like is that you can either go through the seasons or just pick a random episode. So if you are feelin that need for some funny, go to and check it out!

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