Thursday, February 7, 2013

Acetone project

Our final project in the dot series is the acetone project. This project was a lot of fun. It was probably the easiest to do simply because the first piece you were simply making a big version of the pattern from project 2.

The free form one was a lot harder. Because you have to commit with the acetone, you have to just jump in and hope it works. I feel like I could of done something else to make the triangles stick out, but I was afraid I'd screw it up. I could of made another one, but the acetone was killing my head.

The critique again was a bit of a joke. It went a little smoother, but still the same people talked. The only thing that I think is coming out of it is that we get to see the projects of the people that never show up to class. Also, I didn't like that people used color. That was a big no no since the beginning. But no, everyone praised them for doing it. That was a bit annoying.

Over all I liked learning how to use acetone. I will definitely use this process again.

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