Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Care Packages from Review!

So I recently received a care package from I was sent a Just Because package.
When I picked up the box, I was kind of disappointed on how small it was. But what I didn't know was how deceiving the little box was.

When I opened the box, I immediately noticed the card inside of it. You can have the card personalized, which I think is really cool. I love getting cards, because it really makes me feel like someone is thinking about me. Mine read: Nina, Have a great semester! Your friends at Even though I don't know who wrote this message, it immediately made me feel all warm and happy inside. Plus the card had a cute little bunny on the front, and I love animals!

So after my card was read and taken out, I started to take out my goodies. I pulled food after food after food item out of this box. Niki was watching, and I'm pretty sure she thought it was like Mary Poppins carpet bag, that it would never end. I didn't either. I was amazing at the quantity of items that Care Packages can fit in there.This is a picture of everything received chillin on my desk:

As you can see, its a lot of stuff. But a great mix of it. There were M&Ms, to Pringles, to Sunflower seeds. I loved the variety, that there wasn't only chocolate, or only chips. That way I can fulfill both my sweet and salty cravings! My favorite treat in the Care Package was definitely the Rice Krispies Treat. I LOVE THEM! They are so delicious. I can't even tell you why, they just are. Plus it was a king size, score! Everything I have tried so far has been really fresh. Which is nice, because I hate biting into something that I have been craving and it be gross.
I would definitely recommend checking out to send a care package. They aren't just for college student's, they have a wide variety in every price budget. Besides, Halloween is coming up, and who wouldn't want to send their favorite college student, friend, relative, blogger... the Pumpkin Patch Care Package!

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