Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reasons of the day: why WSU is "awesome"

Reason 1:
 I was hungry this afternoon. I attempted to eat breakfast which failed, so I was pretty hungry after my first class. Since I have about a 45 minute break in between my first and second class, I decided to go get some food. Plus I kept seeing people with Tim Hortons doughnut boxes with fueled my desire for some Timmy Hos. But when I finally walked there, it WAS FULL. I mean, out the door line. In this tiny little Tim Hortons. I ended up getting out of there with my muffin on time, but still. It took 10 minutes to get a single muffin. STUPID.

Reason 2: On my way to class with my delicious chocolate chip muffin in hand, a beggar asked me for money. ON CAMPUS. Like, right in front of Old Main. With a ton of cops around, not doing a single thing. Honestly, I am a college student. You serious think I have even .50 to give you? CLASSY WSU.

Reason 3: After a super boring art history class, I slowly made my way back here to Mano for my next class. As I was walking, this older man passed me, looked me right in the eye and said (very loudly) "I AM YOUR GOD." Then he kept walking like nothing happened. WTF.

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