Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Secure on Campus

Let me tell you a story. When I was at CMU, I had horrible roommate experiences. In my second room, I "lost" so much stuff - makeup, clothes, money, ect. I would hide things under my pillow, in my pillow, under my mattress, and still it would disappear. I'm guessing I lost about $150 worth of money and stuff if not more. There was no safe in the room, nor were we offered a safe place to keep our stuff. It was just expected that everyone was nice and trustworthy and not going to steal. Uhuh, sure. That worked out well.

I recently came to know of a website called Secure on Campus. It has a ton of stuff to keep students secure on and off campus, as well as their stuff. They have a ton of dorm safes, which would of been perfect for me and my situation. They come in every color, size, durability.

One of my favorite products from Secure on Campus is their laptop safes. I own a Mac. My Macbook put me behind a little over $2000. If I ever lost this thing, I'm pretty sure I would be in jail for murdering the person who took it. Thank God it didn't get stolen. But if I would of stayed their any longer, who says it wouldn't of been? Computers are the number one things stolen at CMU. A laptop safe would of been perfect in my situation.

So what if you are thinking, I don't need a dorm safe? They sell a whole lot more. One thing they sell I think is just awesome. It is a Date Rape Drug Coaster. You just use the coaster and stick in both sides and it tells you if the drug is detected. They also carry a ton of different pepper sprays. So that way is someone is trying to drug you, you can mace them and get the hell out of there.

College should be fun. But sometimes, you have to cover your butt and make sure you and your stuff is safe. Secure on Campus helps you do that.

Disclosure: I was paid to write about the company, but all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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