Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review: Masque of the Red Death

I usually can't read during car trips. When I read in the car, nausea is usually involved. Which is horrible. But on my way home from Jeffersonville, Ohio yesterday, I was able to read.

The Masque of the Read Death by Bethany Griffin isn't your basic post-apocalyptic story. And trust me, I would know. I have read more teen fantasy books then I would care to admit. The story is based around the rich and the poor. After a horrible plague wiped out regular millions, a way to prevent catching the sickness was found in a mask. Araby Worth, the main character, is the daughter of the inventor of the masks. She gets caught in the regular which side should I chose type fighting. That is the basis of the story.

Araby is a good character. I really enjoyed watching her grow throughout the book. In the begining, she seems like the regular rich kid type. Obviously something wrong in her background, but the druggy type. As you learn about her background and her promises to herself, she really develops from a stupid little rich girl who can't make up her mind, to a strong young woman.

The boys in this book are very well written. The first romantic interest is Will, the manager of the club she parties at. Imagine the strong tattooed but extremely hot silent type. That is Will. Griffin does a great job at building his background. As the reader, I immediately wanted Will and Araby to get together. He is sweet and loving towards her. Elliot, however, is not. The brother of his best friend, and also nephew of the king, Elliot is kind of a d-bag. Not because of his background (well yes because of his background, but not the snobby rich kid background you would imagine), but with the things he does to Araby. He somehow is able to treat her like shit and be protecting at the same time. He is a good character to switch back and forth from loving to hating. I don't think Griffin focused enough on building his character, but she did good enough to make him enjoyable.

Like almost every post-apocalyptic story, there is political turmoil. I won't go much into this, simply because if I give to much away, there is no point in reading the book. There is a really good twist when it comes to this part of the story. I feel like I should of known it was coming, but I'm glad it didn't.

Overall, I give this book a 4.5 out of 5. I would give it a 5, but I am mad about the next book not coming out for another couple months. So if you are looking for a great well-rounded fantasy book, I would definitely give this one a shot!

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