Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dot project

Recently I finished my first 2D design project. It's called the dot assignment. All it required was dots. Use specific amount of dots in any way you want. The pictures are of my project.

I had an interesting time with this project. I didn't think it would be that hard; all I was drawing was dots. But having to figure out how to make dots different is HARD. How do you make 3 dots touching without making all 6 look the same?

The critique we participated in was fun for a first critique. The last real critique I participated in was for photography. And that was brutal. Everyone bitching back and forth. But this one as pretty easy going. I liked that Derek, my teacher, taught as well as critiqued.

I can't honestly say I learned a lot; most of this stuff I learned with my four years with Mose. How could I not know this stuff? I only took every class twice, with every class starting with the principals and elements. But I'm glad to relearn and refocus. Plus learn all the elements and principals that we didn't learn.

So far I am really enjoying this class. Stay tuned for the next project!

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