Monday, September 10, 2012

shit my professor says monday night edition

This is my first class of Philosophy of Art. My teacher is an older man, probably in his 60s. So when you read these, keep that in mind.

talking about mobwives - "are you pulling my leg? This can't be a real tv show"

"I haven't owned a tv since I was 16"

"Roseanne. Thats a current tv show right?"

"two girls and one cup dot com is not art"

referring to two girls one cup "was it made with grace and skill?"

"wtf!" *note, to read this one with humor, read it thinking of your grandpa saying it.

"they are building anything! you silly. you country mouse!"

 talking about how men used to think women were only good for incubators for men aka babymaking "womens contribute is warm and moist. Just like making yogurt"

"women bleed a lot. What happens when you bleed? You die. WOMEN NEVER DIE. Whats wrong with you?"

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